Nash Bash 2023

by | Mar 26, 2023 | Featured, Match Reports, News, Rugby

Nash Bash 2023

Welcome to Nash Bash, where the Lincoln Park Rugby team came to play against some tough competition. The tournament started off with a disappointing loss for Lincoln Park, but they were determined to bounce back in their second game.

The team showed great resilience in their second match, with some impressive performances from their players. Ian Macdonald stood out with some huge hits that shook the opposition and set the tone for the game. His hard-hitting tackles were a key factor in preventing the other team from gaining momentum.

Meanwhile, Matt Short made his presence felt with some powerful carries that gained valuable yards for his team. His strong runs were a constant threat to the opposition, and he proved to be a handful for the defenders to handle.

Despite the early setback, Lincoln Park Rugby showed great character and fought back to secure a hard-fought victory. Their determination and team spirit were evident throughout the game, and they will take a lot of confidence from their performance.

Overall, it was a mixed day for Lincoln Park Rugby, but they will be pleased to have ended on a high note. With more games to come in the tournament, they will be looking to build on this win and continue their strong performances.

After a hard-fought win in their second game, Lincoln Park Rugby continued their winning ways with a resolute defensive display in their third match. Their opponents were unable to break through Lincoln Park’s defensive line, and the team held on for a gritty 8-7 victory.

The team’s resolute defending was a testament to their discipline and teamwork, as they worked together to shut down the opposition’s attacks and secure their third win of the tournament.

After the match, the Lincoln Park Rugby team celebrated their success in style by winning the boat race drink-off. Their victory in this fun-filled drinking competition was a testament to the team’s camaraderie and spirit, as they celebrated their achievements together in the true spirit of rugby.

Lincoln Park Rugby’s success at Nash Bash was also due in part to the leadership of their captain, Mike Rosenfeld. Throughout the tournament, Rosenfeld’s experience and tactical know-how were evident as he directed his team with authority and composure.

In the face of adversity, Rosenfeld remained calm and focused, inspiring his teammates to dig deep and find the resolve to bounce back from their early setback. His leadership was a vital component of Lincoln Park Rugby’s success, as he ensured that everyone remained motivated and disciplined throughout the tournament.

Rosenfeld’s influence on the team was particularly evident in their third game, where his tactical acumen helped to nullify the opposition’s threats and create opportunities for his own side. His ability to read the game and make the right decisions under pressure was crucial in securing the win.

Overall, it was a memorable day for Lincoln Park Rugby, as they showcased their talent, resilience, and team spirit throughout the tournament. With their impressive performances on the field and their fun-loving attitude off it, the team proved that they are a force to be reckoned with in the world of rugby.


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