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Who are Lincoln Park?
Lincoln Park RFC is a rugby club based on the north side of Chicago, close to the LincolnPark, Lakeview and Uptown neighbourhoods.

As one of the longest existing clubs in the Midwest, we offer playing opportunites on two competitive levels, combined with a strong social element.

What is rugby?
Rugby is one of the fastest growing sports in the US. The traditional game is made up of 15 players a side and played for 40 minutes halves.

Rugby provides playing opportunites for athletes of all shapes and sizes and while there are set-pieces where some specialist skills come into play, it is a sport where all players play both offense and defence, and everyone gets the chance to carry the ball and tackle.

What about the social side?
After each game, it is tradition that the battles of the previous 80 minutes are put to one side and the home side invites their opposition for post-game drinks and food.

There is mutual respect given as each team, shakes hands with their opponents and applauds then from the pitch.

As a club, we also organise several social events throughout the year. Themed pub crawls, group outings to international matches, Awards Banquet are just a few of the events from recent years and each season we have our friends and family day, where we welcome our fans to watch us play and enjoy a little sideline food and beverages.

What's a rugby tour?
In addition to the social events throughout the season, many rugby clubs choose to tour away from their home towns; LPRFC is no exception.

A rugby tour is an opportunity to see the world, play some rugby and make new friends. No other sport affords you the opportunity to make life-long friends the world over.

These trips typically last from a long weekend stay of about 4 days and either a tournament or single game to a full 10 days with multiple matches.

In recent years, we have made trips to Canada, Costa Rica, and Mexico and were due to travel to Germany before the latest health pandemic.

What is rugby 7's?
Rugby 7’s is a version of the sport that many of you may have seen over the past few years.

It is a fast-paced, 7-a-side version of the sport but still played under the normal laws of the game and on a full-side pitch.

It was recently introduced into the Olympic Games with Fiji becoming the first winners in 2016.

Here in the US, it is predominantly played in the summer months and is great way to learn some of the basic handling and passing skills while maintaining your fitness levels throughout the off-season.

How do I get involved?

Get in touch, find out our practice location and schedule, come along and give it a go.

We typically train twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday evening, 7-9 pm, and play games on a Saturday afternoon.

You’ll need some sturdy clothing for practices (rugby is a contact sport and tshirts can get ripped), running shoes and either rugby or soccer cleats.


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