LPRFC D3 vs NWI Exiles Match Report

by | Sep 8, 2019 | Match Reports, News, Rugby

LPRFC D3 53 NWI Exiles 29

After a dominating first half where Park lead by 24 points before conceding a late try, and extending that lead to 34 – 5 early in the second period, Park suffered a second half scare before pulling away in the final quarter.

Finnegan opened the scoring after only 5 minutes following a stolen scrum and only three minutes later, Heatley and Togher combined to put away Carey.

Park’s forwards had to weather the running of much heavier opponents but looked to set up their speedy back when their own opportunities arose on offence.

It was Togher again who showed as provider, this time setting up Husselbee.

Knowing their best strategy was to play a fast game, Park extended the lead, with Olander taking a quick tap penalty and catching the Exiles unawares creating the try for the hard running Anderson.

Two early second half tries from Burke and Jewell looked to have put the game beyond doubt for Park but over the next 20 minutes, Park lost their way.

Four Exile tries brought the score to with five points and Park were on their heels. It was the captain Olander who restored the earlier confidence picking off a long pass on the Exile twenty-two and scoring under the posts.

Further score from Anderson and Burke in the waning moments eventually gave Park a comfortable win.

Team: Sowa (Primdahl), Mullen (Shaaban), Larios, Jewell, Togher, Heatley, Mechling, Carey (Eppert), Aiello, Olander, Frisch (Prengaman/Baldwin), Anderson, Husselbee (Huschen), Burke, Finnegan (Engle)

Try: Burke 2, Anderson 2, Finnegan 1, Carey 1, Jewell 1, Husselbee 1, Olander 1
Con: Anderson 3, Olander 1


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