Tom Sampey

What’s something you love about rugby? Chip kicks, grubbers, up and unders, box kicks, drop-kicks, kicking for touch, kicking for fun.

What is something you love about living in Chicago? The deep dish pizza from Lou Malnatis

What hobbies do you have outside of rugby? I toss axe on Monday nights and enjoy playing a multitude of sports including volleyball and hockey.

Where have you lived before moving to Chicago? I lived in Nashville for 2 ½ years before moving back to Chicago and Tempe, AZ for 4 years in college.

What neighborhood do you live in? Bucktown

What about you makes you an absolute weapon on the rugby pitch? My ability to just be an athlete.

What’s one rugby skill you’ve had the most difficulty learning in your career? Increasing my vision of the field. It is easy to get tunnel vision when you first start out but as I have gotten more comfortable playing I am now starting to see gaps and plays I haven’t seen on the pitch before.