Matt Hanlon

Years with LPRFC: 2008 – 2016

How did you first start playing for LPRFC?  Bumped in the team training in the Park and came by. First session ended in BItar attacking me as he felt I tackled him unfairly. The guy is 350lbs, how can any tackle be unfair?

What’s your favorite thing about rugby? The team, family bond that will always be there

What’s your favorite memory from your LPRFC career? The stand up or lie down question given to new recruits

What is something you love about living in Chicago? It is truly the best city in the world, I miss it

What was the last LPRFC match/event you attended? HIGHLAND GAMES FAT 7S IN 2017

Do you participate in any LPRFC Old boy events, tell us about one! HIGHLAND GAMES is the last one, but ticket is booked from London to Aspen for the ruggerfest assuming COVID pisses off

Do you have any relatives (cousins, siblings, children) who play rugby or for LPRFC?  My half brother Laith Shaaban still hangs around the team I believe, he wont leave