Kevin Koss

Years with LPRFC: 2011 – 2017

How did you first start playing for LPRFC? I played with Darren Wall in College at Nebraska and once I moved up to Chicago he kept asking me to come out and play. After about 6 years, I hadn’t heard from him that preseason so I called him up to get the details and went to training that Thursday.

What’s your favorite thing about rugby? The camaraderie and family that you build with your teammates, think we exemplified that culture at Park.

What’s your favorite memory from your LPRFC career? The D4 run to the MW Finals….that and being a handful of votes away from sweeping the awards at the banquet, taking home Forwards MVP and the Bevins, but missing Backs MVP by a handful of votes.

What is something you love about living in Chicago? That we can all walk to the bar, no one has to worry about driving.

What was the last LPRFC match/event you attended? 50th Anniversary Banquet