John Fulcoly

Years played with LPRFC: 1981 – 1985

How did you first start playing with LPRFC? I met some LPRFC players going from bar to bar down my alley. I had come home from hockey and had my gear – they were throwing me up in the air “a hockey player! a hockey player!”.  I put my gear back in the car and joined them!

What’s your favorite memory from your LPRFC career? My favorite memory was against the Lions, we needed to win to stay in our division.  I scored in the corner and made the kick!  Followed by 3 penalties in a row.  At one point 15-0 and I had all the points – finished with 18 of our 22 points!!  We won the game!!

Do you have any relatives (cousins, siblings, children) who play rugby or for LPRFC? My son got into the game in Dallas, played high school, for the Air Force Academy, the Air Force team and clubs in New Mexico, Boston, and DC.  Been lucky enough to get on the pitch with him in Milwaukee, Boston, and DC!!!