Jerry Fohrman

Years played with LPRFC: 1668 – 1989

What’s our favorite thing about rugby? Love rugby and the LPRFC. Founded team with my brother in 1968 and played for over 20 years and served as club president. Reasons I love LPRFC are too numerous to list but suffice it to say that it’s the many people I’ve met and played with over the years. Especially loved touring the world with the club.
Great People – Great Stories – Great Memories

Why do you think The Blind Side, a truly awful film, was nominated for an Oscar in 2010 ahead of Invictus, which was arguably the best rugby film ever made? Invictus was great –especially loved the detail of the bruises on Matt Damon’s shoulders (every front row player knows those bruises) —
Another old movie (1963) to check out is This Sporting Life – with Richard Harris who actually played rugby

What’s one rugby skill you’ve had the most difficulty learning in your career? I do love the new game with one exception.  The requirement that the ball be put in straight into the scrums seems to be a thing of the past.  When I played I enjoyed the challenge of “taking balls against the head   Playing hooker required a level of skill and technique and a certain degree of chicanery.  If you could win all your own scrums and most of the opponent’s as well you could prove you worth in the scrum and could sustain a long career in the front row.