Guy Rowley

Years with LPRFC: 1970 – 1980

How did you first start playing for LPRFC? In an effort to depressurize in medical school I joined a community theater group, The Old Town Players.  At a certain point in the play’s run, all of a sudden Mike Byrne finished a scene and threw himself on a couch backstage, looking completely spent.  “What’s the matter, Mike?”  “Rugby” he said.  So I knew I had to play.

What is your favorite memory from your LPRFC career? The founding of CWRFC one winter night at Jerry’s house. Anat consider ourselves co-founders; she played for a couple of seasons.

What is something you love about Chicago? Having spent most of my life in the East, I loved The Shore.  When I got off the bus in 1968 at Abbott Hall, 710 Lake Shore, I took a look at the lake across the street and said “Wow”

Do you participate in any LPRFC Old Boy events? Great 50th celebration at the Zoo