Charlie Brown

Years with LPRFC: 1982 – 1993

What’s your favorite thing about rugby? Touring

How did you first start playing for LPRFC? Moved back to Chicago and looked for a club that would take me and found you guys

What’s your favorite memory of your LPRFC career? The Rio tour was a killer. We drank at the pool all day – Cuba Libres. In the nighttime and at the beaches, that activity was pretty good too. Because the currency conversion rate to the Brazilian Real was stratospherically high, when we checked out of the hotel many of us had hotel bills with many zeroes. Cush “Commissioner of Fun”, may you rest in peace.

What was the last LPRFC match/event you attended? 50th anniversary & Highlands Festival.

Do you participate in any LPRFC Old Boy events, tell us about one? Attended the 40th and 50th anniversary weekends; really great venues and seeing best teammates with so many good memories.