50th Anniversary Celebrations

Fifty years ago this year, Dan and Jerry Fohrman had an idea. What if there was a sports club that was dedicated to both the competitive spirit on the field and the social camaraderie off it. And so was born Lincoln Park Rugby Club.

The traditions that became part of our lore continue on to this day. Many hundreds of players have pulled on the green and gold jerseys (emerald and banana, surely?). Some merely passed through, others became stalwarts, but all in their own minds became legends.

The weekend of August 4th is your opportunity to recount the tales of olde; your opportunity to meet again those who you once shouldered into a scrum and likely home after the post-game shenanigans.

The club will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary in the Lincoln Park neighbourhood of Chicago, our spiritual home. Events are still being planned but will include one more chance to pull on your rugby boots then reclaim some of your drinking prowess with an evening Banquet. Other possible events are a Friday meet-and-greet and Sunday BBQ but we are also open to other ideas such a Friday Cubs outing or Sunday Golf Trip. This is your weekend.

The former and current Presidents have been making attempts to contact our Old Boys but we still need more help. If you are in contact with some of your old teammates or maybe you have become acquainted with someone from a different era, let us know.

Use the form below to send us your contact details and also give us your expected attendance so we can make plans.

The Banquet will most probably be at Lincoln Park Zoo in the Big Cat Pavilion; a great outdoor space to enjoy the summer weather.

Which decades did you play?
The total number of guests including self.
What events would you be interested in participating in?
Any other questions or comments.