1981 Tour

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Rugby is a small world. Only a few weeks ago, I received a phone call from what looked to be an international number. From where? I wondered.

“Is this Lincoln Park rugby?”

The caller was a man named Peter Kowalewicz. Now living in New Zealand, he had recently been searching through his old belongings, tidying up his life. On looking through the drawers and boxes, he’d come across a small part of his life as a younger man. A rugby playing man.

Would I be interested in some photos and a tour program?

It turned out that Peter had played against Lincoln Park back in 1981 and these old photos had rekindled memories of good times he had playing against us. A few names were mentioned, some I knew, some had unfortunately left us.

But Peter had not forgotten us or the friends he had made. The photos were no longer of use to him, but he wanted us to have them. From across the world, he hoped they would bring back the same good memories that had for him.

I’ve long said that rugby is a family. It’s a family of those who share memories of playing against and with other.

Thank you Peter. We appreciate your kind thoughts.

Dear Paul

I was lucky enough to have played rugby which took me to some wonderful places and 5 times to the Caribbean where I was luck to have played Lincoln Park. Now, for health reasons, I decided to tidy up some paperwork and photos and came across these photos of Rumbridge Pack and Lincoln Park and so as not to lose themI thought I’d try to find a home for them in Lincoln Park archives.

Hope everything is good with you.

Lincoln Park also came over to England.

Peter Kowalewicz

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  1. Kerry Williams

    I remember those Ladd’s. I fine bunch were they.
    Kerry ” Moto”


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