Rugby & LPRFC

Are you someone who wants to play sport in a competitive environment and enjoy a great social life with new friends? Lincoln Park Rugby Club may be what you’ve been looking for.

While rugby may not be for everyone – it is a very intense sport that requires a certain level of athletic ability – it has opportunities for people of all shapes, sizes and skill sets.

There is space for the strong, the lithe, the fast, the elusive but no matter what your position, you get to catch the ball and tackle your opponent. There is specialization at restarts but once the ball is in play, then everyone is essentially the same.

Lincoln Park offers opportunities to the veteran player and the neophyte. We run two competitive teams in different divisions and provide you with the chance to develop into the best player you can be. Our lower division side gives the chance for those new to the sport to grow and improve.

We have a full certified coaching staff who can give you individual time as well as responding to the club as a whole.

Rugby does not end when the final whistle blows. It is custom for the battles of the previous 80 minutes to be forgotten as the home team welcomes their opponents to a post-game social for food and a drink.

We are above all a family away from home to many of our players. Events throughout the year give the opportunity for wives, significant others, children and supporters to mix away from the pitch and many friendships have blossomed over the years.

If you are still interested in learning more, please contact us.

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